Kin Town

Okawa Children’s park is a free and public water park that gets most crowded in summer, but also has a decent playground for when it’s too cold to play in the water. The stream running along the park has guppies and beautiful water lilies.

Ginoza Village

This is an old and unique park located a few feet from Kanna Beach. There are swings, seesaws, and a fortress-like playground in the middle.

Nago City

Kushi park is located next to Kushi Athletic Park and overlooks the ocean. There is a small combination playground, basketball court, and baseball field. There is a blue sign on Highway 329 at the turn off.

Please note that it is Kushi and not Koji.

Nago City

This park is located on a beautiful hillside in Nago next to the Orion Beer Factory. There are many access points. If your kids can walk, parking at “A – Tall Palms Picnic Area” and walking across the bridge is fun. The park is located at “B – Umaku Children’s Playground”. 

Ogimi Village

Yui No Hana is a beautiful new park located located on a cape just off highway 58 in Ogimi Village. There are several combination playgrounds including one with a trampoline, a ship, and a Kijimuna (an Okinawa sprite). The view of the ocean is great and the playground is super fun.  

Note-The name of the park on Google Maps is incorrect.

Okinawa City


Nakabaru Park is a neighborhood park in the Mihara area of Okinawa City. The playground has two slides, one big and one small. There are also lots of monkey bars for older children. The playground sits in the middle between a basketball court and open grass field. The basketball court and open field are well used by local kids practicing sports. There is a bathroom and water fountain at this park.