Okinawa City

Wakanatsu Park

This is new park located behind Miyazato Junior High School. This park is big and has a lot to do for a variety of ages. The best thing about this park is the main slide area is covered so the slides don’t get too hot even in summer. The down side, for a parent, is that the ground underneath never really gets dry so your kids might get muddy if they play under the slide area. The tarzan ropes are fun but the ground underneath also gets muddy, basically making a moat, so you will get muddy if you don’t make it across to the other side. In the middle of the park there is some shaded seating, as well as drinking fountains, bathrooms, and a jogging path. There is also an open field next to the park but the junior high school next to the park uses it for condition training after school so it might be crowded, depending on the time you’re there. This is one of my new favorite parks. The only downside if there are no easy-to-climb stairs up to the second and third levels, so if your kids are small and need help getting to the top you will have to carry them while climbing up yourself.